PechaKucha Snapshot Presentation for Branded Capstone Client, Bob’s Classic Kicks

This PechaKucha is a snapshot presentation on my capstone project, Kicks for Count Day. This keynote shares information on the client organization, Bob’s Classic Kicks, and a brief history of the organization. I further explain my secondary research findings on the athletic shoe industry and my primary research findings from holding focus groups with a sample size of Bob’s Classic Kicks’ target audience. I also share the organization’s goals and the strategies and tactics in which took place to achieve those goals successfully. Finally, I explain the key publics and stakeholders and my evaluations and findings for this initiative.

Bob’s Classic Kicks – Kicks for Count Day

Public schools throughout the State of Michigan must participate in Count Day every year. Count Day is when all public schools tally the number of students attending their schools. The count information is critical to districts because each student translates into state funding. This public service announcement explains how Count Day affects you and your child and/or children and why you should join the movement with Bob’s Classic Kicks to donate for this campaign.